Exciting 2019!

What an exciting couple of weeks I have had!

Firstly I have moved my practice in Shrewton to the Till Orchard Surgery on the High Street in Shrewton.

This provides my patients with ease of parking, a comfortable waiting room to sit in and access to a convenient toilet if necessary. I am excited by this move as it means no longer do people need to be precise about arriving as the last person leaves and no longer does anyone need to feel awkward about requiring use of the facilities, if they get taken short! It also allows me to relax that my next patient has a comfortable seat on arrival and are able to keep warm and dry. Thank you Till Orchard Surgery.

In addition to moving to Till Orchard in Shrewton I have also moved location in Amesbury. So if Shrewton doesn’t work for you I am available in Amesbury at Unit 4, Bluestone Business Centre in Solstice Park.

Secondly, I have signed up to my first marathon. Having been a keen runner for several years now I have never felt compelled to run a marathon. However, I am now all registered to do the Loch Ness Marathon in October this year. I am hoping this gives me personal experience of how it feels to train your body at a higher than usual level, to feel the stresses and strains. Overall, I am hoping my knowledge and training enables me to train for it without injury and enjoy the marathon itself.

This will be of benefit to you, especially those of you I see from a sporting background as I will not be just empathising with you about how it feels to train that bit more but I’ll be able to sympathise. With all the preparation I will be consolidating my sports injury knowledge and how to avoid them (hopefully) or rehabilitate from them (if I am unlucky) so hopefully gains all round!

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