Welcome to Stonehenge Osteopath

What qualifies me to treat people?

I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council which is a legal requirement to be able to call myself an osteopath. As a registered osteopath I have a proven level of training and safety. The GOSC is the osteopathic equivalent of the General Medical Council.  They only approve courses that meet their standards. These are four year degrees, which ensure I am safe to treat people whether they are referred by their GP or a family friend.  We have an act of parliament to keep us in order!

I am also a member of the Institute Of Osteopathy (also known as the British Osteopathic Association).

As an osteopath I have to stay up to date with training by completing 30 hours of continuing professional development every year.

In the past…

I have been working since 2007 when I qualified. I worked in Dartmouth and Plymouth following qualification in two busy practices for 18 months. Then came home to focus on my practice.

I have worked with international competing triathletes and numerous people that want to remain active in their chosen sport.

I very much like working with people that have experienced ongoing chronic pain. Often this is due to one significant injury which hasn’t fully resolved or a build-up of small less severe injuries which are never dealt with because they ‘sort of get better’. I have worked with people that have come to rely on pain killer medication to manage through the day.

With treatment and rehabilitation exercises mobility can be improved and people can rediscover their active lives.

Previous to gaining my osteopath qualification I qualified for a Sport Science degree in 2001 and am able to work competently with rehabilitation for sports injuries. I then worked in the fitness industry for the next 2 years.

I am able to provide rehabilitation for return to physical activity and active life following injury. I enjoy this aspect as it is a positive direction that people are moving toward their ‘normal’ activities following an injury which may have greatly affected their lives.

I worked within the medical team at Swindon Town Football Club for 4 years. I mainly treated the children aged between 8 and 16 years of age in the academy but also treated some of the adult team members. A lot of the injuries were knee and ankle related due to trauma on the pitch, growth and development as the children went through growth spurts, as a result of training and playing.

Why trust me?

I treat people in the village of Shrewton where I live (so everyone knows everyone and I have built my business predominantly on recommendation by word of mouth), I treat the village football team.

Caroline Whitehorn Osteopath, Shrewton, Wiltshire

I am based in Amesbury and Shrewton

I am available to treat people complaining of a variety of chronic, repetitive or sporting injuries.
Both locations have free parking.