Low Back Pain – Part 1

Happy new year and to a happy new you!

The new year often gives us time to begin thinking of introducing new healthy actions in to our lives. But if you are suffering with an injury or a bad back sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. You want to do something but not sure what to do without aggravating a pre-existing back problem.

Ideally, I recommend seeing someone to get it assessed and get reassurance that you can get on with your chosen activity and this guide is by no means a diagnosis for you. However, it may be a guide in conjunction with having seen a medical professional such as your GP, Osteopath, or other professional.

When it comes to back pain once the more serious or sinister things are ruled out then we are generally left with nerve pain (which generally gives you some pain with a lot of leg pain and often pins and needles and/or numbness) this must be managed differently to mechanical low back pain. Please do not apply this information to yourself if you are experiencing leg pain, pins and needles or numbness this requires more specific care and if you are experiencing bowel or bladder changes alongside the back pain then please contact your GP.

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