How It All Started

Osteopathy caught my eye when I was growing up. My dad was (and still is) a self employed agricultural engineer meaning that he could not be off work for long due to ill health or injuries. Due to the nature of his physical job he certainly suffered from injuries to back and neck and occasionally shoulders and knee. My Dad would visit the GP if he was in significant pain and they would prescribe for him relevant pain medication which would provide either temporary relief or only take the edge off, he would struggle on with work for weeks or months sometimes in a lot of discomfort. Eventually a friend suggested he have something ‘done’ rather than keep on suffering. He was given the number of a local Osteopath. My Dad paid a visit. The first treatment provided some relief enough to allow him to continue with working and believe there may be a solution. Over a course of treatment his chronic neck pain became bearable and then resolved. Over the years he suffered from several different issues all of which he had little success with pain medication but was helped by Osteopathy.

My decision to study Osteopathy was confirmed when my mum (who has suffered from Rhuematoid Arthritis, RA, since her 40s) developed painful neck and shoulders. She went to see her GP who commiserated with her that it is probably linked to her RA and may respond to pain medication but to realise there isn’t a lot to be done. My mum found this hugely upsetting thinking that she was now stuck with this indefinitely. She asked around and was also referred to her local Osteopath in Plympton. She was convinced because of the Rheumatoid Arthritis he either would not treat her or would not be able to help. During her visit he examined her asked lots of questions and was able to inform her that yes the RA may be a contributing factor he believed the problem was a musculoskeletal problem he could treat with Osteopathy. After 6 treatments she was pain free following months of pain, discomfort and headaches.

I love that treatment can be given through hands on techniques which could improve how a person manages or resolve an issue altogether without (or alongside) the use of pain medication.

These were two situations where I saw up close what benefit Osteopathic treatment could have for people that relied on their mobility to work and also when someone was convinced that nothing could be done due to living with a chronic health condition. Sometimes it can be forgotten that although a person can experience a chronic condition which is being managed through traditional medication they can also suffer from musculoskeletal aches and pains the same as anyone else.

More recently I have had the opportunity to work within the NHS in an outpatients department alongside the physiotherapists. This has been a great opportunity in refining the movements and exercises I use alongside hands-on treatment for rehab purposes to assist you in coming back stronger and more confident. At present I am enjoying being able to utilise the knowledge gained from being in this role.