What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a hands on treatment.

As an osteopath I work with the body to encourage integration of the spine and limbs. The treatment allows the structures of the body to move in a uniformed way. Therefore, consideration is given to the mind, body and spirit. As an osteopath I understand the body and its interrelated parts and how there are a variety of things in life that can affect how a person may heal. It can be lifestyle choices including diet, smoking or exercise or stress from an emotional or traumatic event to stress caused by work.

How does it work?

As a practitioner I am assisting the body through gentle treatment to create a reaction from the body to begin the healing process. I use my hands to do gentle manipulations on the body to free restrictions of the joints, within the soft tissue, or tethered nerves. A variety of stretches are also employed. This can result in some discomfort or tiredness following treatment but this is generally short lived and quite common because the treatment is hands on and the tissue being worked on is injured or ‘struggling’.

As the body is being considered as a whole unit no two people are the same and therefore what one person needs or can tolerate may be very different to another person’s needs or levels of tolerance. You will experience a treatment unique to you.

What should I wear when attending an appointment?

Please wear something you can be moved around, i.e. shorts and vest top or, if you are comfortable, suitable underwear.